how It works

Virtual conferencing made easy.

We know that switching to a virtual event for the first time can be daunting, but we’re here to help, support and guide you through the process every step of the way. We have over 17 years of experience creating powerful and engaging experiences for our customers.

Discuss your requirements

We’re here to guide you through this. We’ll discuss your goals and targets for the event and pull together a plan of action together. You’ll also receive a detailed checklist so we can make sure your event is on point and on brand.

Filming and production

We have a production team that will facilitate all of the filming you need, either remotely in our Virtual Studio or physically in our New York and London studios. We will help you create the highest standard of video.

Building the event space

Our dedicated software and technology team get work building your custom event space, keeping your brand at the forefront. Everything is built on top of a rock solid, robust and battle tested infrastructure.

Launch day!

You set the date and we’ll launch your site. You can set a registration page with secure login and data capture, or you can launch without registration to let your delegates straight into the event space.

Event analytics and insights

From pre-registration, through to content engagement, we track all delegate activity, so that you can develop insightful plans to maximise your return on investment.

Virtual Conference Partnership

A robust process

Our process is tried and tested and we have years of experience with a proven track record of creating engaging content consumed by professional audiences. You can rely on us to take your idea and turn it into something your audiences will keep coming back for.

We’d love to show you our product and take you through our live demo so you can see the Virtual Conference Partnership in action. Request your demo today!

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If you would like like a demonstration to find out how the Virtual Conference Partnership can help with your requirements, please get in touch with us today.