Features that power engagement.

The Virtual Conference Partnership is packed full of features to provide you with a custom, secure and interactive event space with everything you would expect from the real thing; from multiple stages and real-time engagement, to live shows and networking - we’ve got you covered!

Virtual Conference Partnership

Making it easier than ever to reach your customers

From breakout sessions and interactive live polls to meeting scheduling, our virtual conference platform has everything you need to create a memorable event. All of our events are customisable and flexible, so you can switch on and off the features most useful to you and your audience.


Your agenda is displayed throughout the platform with live reminders so your delegates never miss an event.

CPD/CE Tracking

As financial services experts, we can ensure your videos are accredited for CPD or CE (industry dependent).


Brand recognition is important so the event space is fully customisable to give viewers a sense of familiarity.

Light and Dark

Choose between a dark or light mode user interface to help reflect your brand in the best way possible.


You can work with our production team to broadcast real-time, live events and fully engage your audience.


A fully branded landing page where delegates can navigate directly to major sections of the conference space.

Multi Day

Host over multiple days and with our smart filters your delegates always know what’s going on, where and when.


Deliver an engaging experience with our live polling, giving you real-time feedback to the important questions.


For live broadcasts, delegates can ask questions which the speakers will be able to answer live on the show.


Want to test your delegates’ knowledge? Add a quiz and delegates are notified if they’ve passed or failed immediately.


Choose a branded registration system, or a fully open access event. Delegate registrations are shared with you.

Resource Library

A dedicated place for you to store external resource links and downloads for your delegates to access.

Sponsor Zone

Customisable brand presence for sponsors, supporting company booths with dedicated video content and resource libraries.


Multiple stages and breakout rooms with options for live streaming, simulated live and video on demand content.


You may be nervous about switching to a virtual event but we’re here for guidance and support, every step of the way.


Surveys allow you to pose a series of questions to delegates whilst watching a video for real-time feedback.

Twitter Integration

We can integrate your brand’s Twitter feed into the event space so you can keep your delegates updated throughout.

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