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Virtual AGM's

Secure, online, robust meetings.

The Virtual AGM allows shareholders and boards to come together on a secure online platform to execute the company’s business, ask questions, vote and participate.

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Virtual AGM’s are here to stay

What’s special about our solution?

Virtual AGM's are proving to a hit with stakeholders, not just as a pandemic solution, since they reach a wider geographic coterie of stakeholders than in-person meetings, with a replay extending the availability of the company’s presentation.

Our technology is robust and proven, over many years and hundreds of live events. The Virtual AGM solution can flex to suit small and large companies.

Our experienced team are familiar working with senior executives, to film, coach and provide tech solutions, which ensure they look their best for the AGM.

We film in studio or virtual.

Our editorial oversight means we can advise on the best solutions for presentations and live Q&A – even down to moderating the Q&A process for you.

Our knowledge and experience mean we do whatever is needed to get it right and inspire confidence and quality and de-risk the process.

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How it works
The Virtual AGM allows shareholders and boards to come together on a secure online platform to execute the company’s business, ask questions, without the need to travel to a public meeting.
Our solution successfully navigates the essential stages of a successful Virtual AGM:
Including a registration option for participants, gives the opportunity for the company to see who is engages and permits the participants to submit questions online. Also, Pre-registrants can be sent a reminder email shortly before the meeting (improving participation numbers); those registering on the day, will go through the authentication process at that point.

case study

Fidelity International

Given the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Fidelity explored solutions to support their investment trust AGMs with virtual presentations, to keep shareholders engaged at this important time.

Fidelity selected Asset TV, to deliver the events for three flagship trusts: Fidelity China Special Situations PLC, Fidelity Asian Values PLC and Fidelity Special Values PLC.

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Frequently asked questions
Find the answers to some of the most common questions about the Virtual AGM below. If there’s anything you’d like more information on, get in touch with us today.

What is a Virtual AGM?

Virtual AGMs held exclusively online without a corresponding physical meeting. In some cases, companies hold a ‘Hybrid AGM’, where they meet physically but also project the AGM online as a Virtual AGM.

Both types of meeting are becoming increasingly popular, as technology enables companies to replicate the format of the AGM online, to reach a greater number of shareholders.

Can all companies hold a Virtual AGM?

Companies must check to see that their Articles of Association permit them to hold a Virtual AGM. Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic governments are moving to change the rules for AGMs to make them applicable to all companies.

We anticipate that the concept of virtual AGMs being universally permitted, without the need to change company’s Articles of Association, may well be approved in the next few weeks. This is subject to the government either passing necessary legislation or issuing an edict that the legislation to permit this is not required.

How many shareholders can attend a Virtual AGM?

There are no technical limits to restrict the number of shareholders able to attend a Virtual AGM.

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