the dashboard

A window to your audience.

Whilst your event is in progress you know who’s engaged and which sessions are generating the most interest.

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invaluable insight

Your powerful data tool set

From the point at which your delegates register, the Virtual Conference Partnership begins to capture the valuable data which can drive your strategy and validate your decisions.

Custom Data

Customisable event registration allows you capture the delegate information you need to better understand your audience.

Delegate Pulse

Polls, surveys, quizzes and questions are the heartbeat of your delegates. Understanding the nuances of these reactions can elevate your customer relationships.

What’s Hot

Real-time data will tell you who is engaged and who is not – giving you options for notifications and prompts.


An immediate event summary shows the elements that define your event results: visit duration, pageviews, engagement times and video views.


Deep-dive data tables unearth the gold insight nuggets, outlining top pages, most popular videos, where people have entered from, clicks and what’s been downloaded.

Bespoke & Tailored

We can provide custom analysis reports, or you can download CSV files to complete your own analysis.

Everything you have ever wanted to know about your event, measured and visualised in a single location. Request a demo today to find out more.

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