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Davis Advisors are an established U.S. asset manager, offering specialist expertise through ETFs, mutual funds, variable annuities, separately managed accounts, and offshore funds.

Due to Covid restrictions, Davis Advisors decided to pivot the flagship annual Davis Investment Forum, from an in-person New York hotel venue, to an online virtual event.

On December 10th from 1:00-6:00pm EST, financial advisors across the US logged in to the Main Stage for a continuous live-stream of high-quality content.

Key objectives:

  • • Reach key advisors, especially wire houses, with nothing to impair local network access - no plugins or restricted applications.
  • • Engage an audience of professionals for 5 hours.
  • • Provide and area for interactive resources.
  • • Include commercial breaks.
  • • Integrate live Q&A.


The Asset TV team collaborated to:

  • • Build branded lobby page, send email invitations and distribute pre-event resources.
  • • Film and edit the event presentations, ready for event broadcast.
  • • Integrate daily registration reports into the Davis CRM.
  • • Test video streaming player options, with the target audience, to ensure a flawless viewer experience.


  • • 1,500 investment professionals registered for the event
  • • 750 live viewers
  • • 100 viewers submitted questions for the Q&A
  • • 3 hours average duration per viewer
  • • 4.5 hours of Continued Education credit
  • • Reached key advisors at some of the largest firms: Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wells Fargo, LPL, Raymond James, Janney Montgomery Scott, Benjamin F Edwards, RBC, Stifel.

I just spoke to an advisor who was very complimentary of the virtual forum. This guy actually cast it up on his big screen with surround sound so it felt more like a live event. He thinks it is one of the best he has attended. According to him, some of our competitors have had some real dumpster fire events - wrong dial-in, lagging audio/video, login problems, poorly executed presentations.

This FA thought the presentations were smooth, breaks were timely and the overall process was very professional. I know that much of the feedback you get is on areas of improvement. Please know that my conversations have been very complimentary.

Steve Coyle

Vice President - Regional Director, Davis Advisors

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