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Following the success of the OUTLOOK 2021 virtual conference, Asset TV held an ESG virtual conference in June 2021 – which unpacked ESG and get insight into what the different elements meant. This 3-hour event was sponsored by 8 global and local fund managers.

The 3-hour event included 3 panels as well as some expert interviews and allowed free access to attend. It was attended by around 750 and gave more than 2 verified CPD for the investment specialists.

Key objectives:

  • • Get in-depth discussions going wrt ESG and allow audience to get insight as to what is happening globally and locally.
  • • Live event, as well as post event through our on-demand feature.
  • • Engage with audience for the 3-hour conference.
    • Provide area for interactive resources and sponsor pages.
  • • Include Q&A.

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