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The MGAA is an association set up in 2011 to represent the rising MGA Sector, lobbying on their behalf, communicating their benefits and helping to maintain the high standards that had been set across the UK Insurance market. Today the MGAA vision is to be the primary trade association that represents, develops, educates and promotes the MGA market and its members.

Traditionally they have held a quarterly Capacity Exchange event which gives members the opportunity to sit in front of the leading Insurers and Capacity providers to discuss their proposition and potentially how the Insurers could help to support them with Capacity.

The MGAA approached Insure TV with the simple ask, how can we turn this into a virtual event and make it engaging for both members and Insurers alike but also scalable enough to cope with the demand of previous ‘physical’ events.

How we supported the MGAA:

Using a customised version of our VCP platform we set up 21 Insurer Rooms, managed all of the bookings, created a main stage to play the MGAA’s Managing Director’s opening address and built an interactive sponsor area.

On the 14th October 2020, 2:00pm - 5:00pm, we supported 170 meetings for MGAA members, allowing them to talk face to face with key people and decision makers across the market.

Using our platform and also our knowledge and expertise of how to create and deliver virtual events, we have built the MGAA something that they can use again for future events, but perhaps more importantly together we can develop and enhance the event as we learn more about what people want in this fast changing Insurance environment.

We worked with Nick and the Insure TV team for our first virtual capacity exchange event in October this year. We found their organisation, communication, attention to detail and ability to meet all our requirements underpinned what was a fantastic success for our Association and its members. We will be partnering with them for other events going forward.

Mike Keating

Managing Director, MGAA

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