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Alternative Investments

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Alternative Investments is one of the HOT TOPICS currently and although it has grown and much used in the institutional space, there is still certain assumptions about Alternative Investments for the retail advisor and investor. The first day of the event allowed our moderators to unpack what affordability, accessibility and liquidity means and how investors can access these solutions. The second day was focussed on the institutional audience and looked at trends and things to remember when investing in these funds.

The 2-day event was sponsored by 15 global and local fund managers as well as expert interviews. The virtual conference had more than 1300 people attending the event of which more than 600 was new to the South African platform. The event, which was free to attend, allowed for up to 4 verified CPD for the investment specialists.

Key objectives:

  • • Unpack and clarify Alternative Investments for both the retail and institutional investors. Educate as to how it works and what is important. Get insight as to what is happening globally and locally.
  • • Live event, as well as post event through our on-demand feature.
  • • Engage with audience for the 2-day conference.
    • Provide area for interactive resources and sponsor pages.
  • • Include Q&A.

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