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Nuveen, the investment management arm of TIAA, is one of the largest investment managers in the world with $1 trillion in assets under management.

How we supported Nuveen:

Amid COVID restrictions, Nuveen still wanted to reach their global clients. We filmed them from multiple locations and hosted two full-scale conferences to reach their Global and APAC clients:

  • • The bespoke conference websites were translated into multiple languages making them more accessible for clients
  • • The conference site hosted supporting documents, speaker profiles and video footage all translated into local languages and all accessible before the main event
  • • Conferences were streamed at times suitable for local viewers to maximise engagement with live Q&A
  • • Video feeds were live dubbed in local languages for viewers
  • • Post-event, the videos were hosted for clients to see on the Nuveen conference websites giving the event a much longer shelf-life than face-to-face events.

Using our solutions, Nuveen was able to communicate with their clients, answer any questions and receive detailed analytics on client engagement.

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