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Professionals Survey 2020

We were keen to learn how the move to virtual conferencing was being adopted. These results are one of the first snapshots into this phenomenon.

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Executive Summary

In October 2020, we took the pulse of our professional audiences in the UK, US and South Africa. The anonymous results are distilled from over 650 responses.

Our audience says:

We are using video for our research and we plan to use video for our customer communication.
Video conferencing is baked into daily workflow and here to stay, even when in-person conferences open up again.
Virtual conferences are not a short-term phenomenon, they are delivering a different type and style of value.
survey preview
Do you anticipate attending more conferences?
The shift to virtual conferencing is clearly a done deal, not least because in-person events are on hold. But there looks to be a longer term impact. The majority are finding significant benefits in virtual conferences.
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survey preview
What would make virtual conferences better?

We opened the survey up to allow for free-text responses to gain real insight of how our audiences viewed the virtual conference experience. These responses are just a preview, download the full survey report to read more.

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